Hi All

SEND Inspection – (TOG), a lovely letter from County thanking all parents, staff and volunteers for welcoming the inspection team to TOG and a big thank you from me.

Please can we ask that our parents or visiting professionals that feel they may have been in contact with anyone who may possibly have the symptoms of  coronavirus or starts with a high temperature or dry cough please get in touch to discuss what our next step will be.

We have a number of children who could be particularly vulnerable should we pass this virus on to them, along with making it very difficult for our parents if they contract it.

We will follow any guidance passed on to us from the Government, Somerset County Council and Lead Health Professionals and will get in touch with any news of  closure as soon as we hear.

On a lighter note all of the children have been out for a walk to the post box after making and putting their cards into the envelopes and placing the stamps on, all the children were brilliant !!!

Hopefully we will make it to the Easter Break xx