The MSU consists of two sensory rooms: A White Room A Dark Room

The first session will be a free then each session will cost £10.00

This is a personalised service where most of the children are referred by physiotherapists, health visitors and paediatricians, due to an early diagnosis of a sensory impairment.

Appointments are arranged for 1 to 1 personal sessions with parent and child. Each session varies but can last from 45 minutes to an hour depending on your child’s needs.

The Lights and sensory equipment in the White Room provide stimulation, which introduce your child to early cause and effect developing early interaction. These are used as a tool for achieving specific goals within a calm and relaxing environment.

The Dark Room is used to assess light awareness under u/v light, helping to develop visual skills for tracking different visual stimuli, following lights in set patterns, tracking set colour preference extending to different colours and contrasts. As black sucks in light it offers very little reflection and glare, which enables single sense assessment.

Both these environments provide stimulating activities and are used to increase awareness and positive experiences for children with a visual, sensory or neurological need.

For further information please phone Helen Charles.

Kind Words

My daughter Ava attended the Multi-Sensory Unit for one year before completing two years of morning sessions at TOG. I felt that Ava was thoroughly supported with her development by her key worker Hayley, as well as the rest of the team. TOG is a very special place and we will always remember our time there fondly.

Holly Burchett (2023)