Taunton Opportunity Group

Our Routine

9.15 am

Children begin to arrive and are welcomed by a member of staff who will support and encourage children to settle and self register their own photo/name. Parents and Key Person can take this opportunity to share information.

9.15 - 10.30 am

Free Play

We provide a wide variety of activities for the children to play with these include the computer, floor and sensory play, water and messy play and small world. All activities are adapted to meet every child’s need. Children can also go outside during this time.

10.30 - 11.00am

Hello time includes a welcome song for each individual child, we use a big mac switch, enabling all children to say ‘hello’. At the end of hello time children are shown a photo of a drink and a plate indicating snack time, they are then asked to look for their names, the adult presents the photo names one at a time and each child collects their and matches them to the same one on the snack table, they then wash their hands and find their chair. Children are given a choice of milk or juice, a yoghurt, fruit or crackers. We do cater for all dietary requirements and medical needs so if your child is dairy free, gluten free, has a food allergy or is fed via a gastrostomy, please speak to your Key Person.  Childrens nappies are changed after snack or as and when needed. 

11.00- 11.30am-


Free Play, there is a wide selection of activities and toys out that follow our childrens interests.  During this time they can also go outside to play or may have small group time, including the attention bucket.

Circle Time.  During our circle time we will provide a variety of resources to keep the children engaged during a group activity.  We use visual props, pictures, books, sign, Key Words and make it fun to help the childrens understanding and involvement.


11.40 - 12.05 am

Outside Play

Children then go outside to play wearing appropriate clothing. There is a wide variety of physical equipment, sensory play and specialist swings outside and children are encouraged and supported to have a go.

12.05 - 12.15 am

Singing Time

12.15 am Children are encouraged to join in singing time by having the opportunity to choose which song they want, through the use of props, pictures, signing and actions.

12.15 am

Home Time

Children have a goodbye song before they go home and are encouraged to wave goodbye. The children staying for lunch are shown a photo, and adults sign and say ‘it’s time for lunch’.

12.15 - 1.10 pm

Lunch time

1.10 pm Children are encouraged to wash their hands before sitting for lunch, staff give children their lunches and encourage and praise them throughout. There is individual support for children who may need to be fed or tube fed via a gastrostomy. If parents would like any advice regarding lunch club please talk to Julie.