Essential Information

Opening times

9.05 to 12.05 Monday to Friday. 1.10 to 2.30 Tuesday afternoons, 12.05 to 1.00pm Lunch club Monday to Thursday. Individual sensory sessions are available by appointment with Helen in the Multi-Sensory unit. These are generally afternoon appointments lasting between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

What to bring with you

Each child should have sufficient clothes for their daily needs and a spare set of clothes, as children can get messy during their play. Please bring sunhats and sun cream during the summer months, welly boots, gloves, and suitable outdoor clothing during the winter months, including ‘all in ones’ for those children starting to move, to ensure that your child can benefit from outdoor activities.

All clothes should be clearly labelled. Please provide spare nappies and if your child is being toilet trained, then please put in extra clothing. If you would like to provide nappy cream please speak to your child’s Key Person.


Only medication that is prescribed by a Doctor for your child may be given at TOG. This must be clearly labelled with your child’s name, dosage and a date on it and given to a member of staff on arrival. A short term or long term medicine form will also need to be completed. We also administer emergency epilepsy and allergy medication but would need to arrange training for this with your child’s community nurse and a medical care plan would then be drawn up.

Accidents and Incidents

Despite extensive risk assessment and all efforts to remove hazards, accidents can happen. All such accidents and incidents are recorded, monitored and reported back to the parent/carer, who will be asked to sign the accident or incident book. In an emergency we would contact parents/carers straight away and follow our emergency procedures. All staff are Qualified First Aiders.

What to do in case of sickness

Any child who has, or develops, an infectious illness must be kept at home in order to help prevent the spread of illness. This includes conditions such as vomiting, diarrhoea, discharges from eyes, conjunctivitis, sore throat and obvious rashes. In particular any child suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea must be kept at home until clear of symptoms for a minimum period of 48 hrs.

Please call TOG first thing if your child is unable to attend that day. For more information please ask to speak to your key Person or ask for a copy of our complete sickness policy.


All visitors to TOG are welcomed by a member of staff and need to sign in and out in the presence of a staff member. Only those who are pre-authorised to collect their child from TOG will be allowed to do so, unless approval is given by the parent/carer, so please ensure you inform your Key Person or other staff members of any changes in advance. Parents/Carers are asked to leave an emergency number where they can be contacted.


Please pay fees promptly, if you are having difficulties please speak to Helen or Julie.


If you are staying at TOG for the morning please ensure you have signed in the Visitors Book. Parents/Carers are welcome to make themselves tea or coffee in the family room, where there is a variety of literature that can be read. There is a parent notice boards in the corridor and family room for your information.

Above All

We hope that your child’s experiences at TOG is happy and enjoyable and we look forward to working together in partnership with you.