Supporting Parents

Sharing Information

As many of the children at TOG have a range of Therapists and other Agencies supporting their development, we ask for parents consent to discuss their child with the appropriate therapist or other outside Agencies.

Some of the children are also referred to MAISEY (Multi-Agency Intervention and Support in Early Years), which is a meeting twice a term where different agencies come together to look at the services which children and families are receiving and to suggest others which may be of benefit. There is a specific consent form for this.

Pre-School Planning Meeting/Link Books

If a child is at TOG and starts to attend a local provision in addition to their TOG session, we can arrange a Planning Meeting to ensure consistency and that the right support is put in place. We have found that setting up a ‘Link’ book that goes between the two settings helps with keeping everyone up to date.

Family Service Plan Meeting

As part of the Early Support Programme we offer Family Service Plan meetings, which involve parents and their child’s therapists and other agencies. These meetings provide an opportunity for parents to have updates from everyone involved and to ask any questions they may have as well as planning a co-ordinated approach for your child’s next steps. Again, please speak to child’s Key Person if you would be interested in this style of meeting. 

Family Room

We are very lucky to have a Family room where Parents and Carers are welcome to stay during their Childs session and make themselves a drink. There is also lots of literature that parents might find useful. This room is sometimes used for meeting.

We have 2 information boards one in the Foyer and one in the family room with a variety of information that parents might find helpful.

‘It is important for parents and early years settings to have a strong and respectful partnership. This sets the scene for children
to thrive in the early years’. (Quoted from EYFS 2021, Development Matters).

Central to all that we do are the relationships we develop with both the children and their parents. By working closely with parents we develop a fuller understanding of each Childs unique needs and how best to support each family.

Sharing information and developing our relationships with the parents is at the heart of what we provide. Please make the most of the informal opportunities that arise at the beginning or end of sessions to share information or concerns with us. We can always arrange for more private, formal conversations and are also in the process of setting up meetings with Key Person to review children’s progress.