Supporting parents and carers

Sharing information

As many children at TOG have a range of therapists and other external agencies supporting them, we ask for parent/carer consent to discuss their child with the appropriate therapist or other external agencies.

Link book

If you child starts to attend a local nursery or preschool in addition to TOG, we can arrange a preschool entry plan meeting to ensure consistency and that the right support is put in place. TOG operates a link book which goes between the two settings, helping to keep TOG and parents/carers up to date. 

Family service plan meetings

Family service plan meetings can be arranged and are where parents/carers have the opportunity to meet with all professionals and settings involved with their child. This meeting addresses what is working well, where parents/carers may like more support for their child, and any actions needed. These meetings are often held every 6 months up until school entry plan meetings, which are held in the summer term prior to a child starting school.

Our family room

We have a family room which is located off the entrance foyer. This is a space where parents/carers are welcome to stay during their child’s morning session, to make themselves a hot drink and to meet with other parents/carers. This room contains information boards with literature about local support and charities. We also have a second-hand book shelf where you can either exchange a book or give a small donation. This room is intermittently used for meetings. If you would like to book some time in our family room, please discuss this with Helen or Julie.

‘It is important for parents and early years settings to have a strong and respectful partnership. This sets the scene for children
to thrive in the early years.’ EYFS (2021) Development Matters¬†

Central to all that we do are the relationships we develop with both the children and their parents/carers. By working closely with parents/carers, we develop a fuller understanding of each child’s special educational needs, and how best to support each family.

Sharing information and developing relationships with parents/carers is at the heart of what TOG provides. Please make the most of the informal opportunities that arise at each end of the morning session to share information and/or concerns. We can always arrange for private, formal discussions to take place, and your key person will meet with you termly to review your child’s three targets and progress.